Dr Sharon Redrobe has presented inspirational speeches at a variety of events over the last number of years, from the NatWest Customer Service conference to Dixie Grammar School and the University of Warwick. Read some of the positive feedback here:

“Breaking Boundaries very interesting to see Dr Redrobe’s professional journey and insight.”

“Hearing from Sharon Redrobe for her combination of conservation and commercialism-thought it was very positive, and am interested in natural heritage.”

“I found the presentation by Dr Sharon Redrobe very interesting. Although we are a very small museum many of the things she said could also be applied to us (on a small scale!)”

Feedback on Dr Sharon Redrobe’s speech at The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust Conference. 

”Great to hear your story today at the Birmingham Business Breakfast Club. Thank you for sharing”

”Really enjoyed listening to Sharon this morning at the Birmingham Breakfast Club”


”Sharon Redrobe is witty, focused and passionate about leadership responsibilities…”

“Wonderful talk from Sharon Redrobe CEO of Twycross Zoo this morning at the Kenilworth Chamber of Trade breakfast meeting.”


Dr Sharon Redrobe recently presented at the University of Warwick in the ‘Inspiring Woman’ series. Some feedback from attendees below:

“I have been advocate of this series from its inception but this talk for me was absolutely the highlight so far. Through the hour long talk, Sharon clearly demonstrated why she was such a good subject for the Inspiring Women series – not afraid to speak her mind and follow what she believes in. A true inspiration and advocate for Twycross Zoo!”

“Sharon Redrobe’s talk was truly inspirational. Her advice on emotional resilience was great, coming at a good time too. Reminding us that everyone’s approach is different depending on the kind of person you are, but it’s perfectly okay to have a cry in your office so long as you do your job well. And to remember not to take things personally.”


“I just wanted say a huge, huge thank you for speaking at our conference in Liverpool the other day. You delivered exactly what we were looking for, the delegates really enjoyed it and you helped make for a superb and successful day.”

“Your passion is truly inspiring and your session was both informative and yet very practical too. Important for people to understand that whilst conversation is the aim this doesn’t mean that making money isn’t important.”

Charles Read
Managing Director


“Thank you so much for joining us on Friday.  Your talk was thought provoking, engaging and challenging – simply perfect!
The discussion around what you said carried on throughout the evening and into Saturday – you definitely made an impact.”

Joanna Thornell
Client and Markets Director
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“I really enjoyed Sharon’s talk.  It was awesome to hear about the passion she injected into her work and the difference she has made to conservation worldwide.  I personally enjoyed hearing her talk about how she changed career recently by moving into executive management on the back of her existing achievements.    Its important to hear how people and their careers change as they age and as their priorities alter: the fact that Sharon is still learning and still finding new challenges is inspirational, especially to this slightly older audience-member. “

Helen Anderson
Project Manager


Find out more about her speech at the University of Warwick here.

“Inspiring and thought provoking in equal measure.”

Gail Gibson
Programmes officer


”Our delegates loved Sharon’s inspiring talk at our info to grow conference.”

Cheryl Stanley 
Marketing Manager


Dr. Sharon Redrobe covers a variety of subjects in her engaging and inspiring speaking engagements.
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